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Marriage Blessing

Wedding Blessing or renewal of vows in Gretna Green

Wedding Blessing Package

Why not have a Marriage Blessing or Renew of your Wedding Vows at one of our Gretna Green wedding venues. Gretna Green has been famous for weddings since 1754, many couples are now visiting us for a Gretna Green Wedding Blessing or Renewal of Vows.
The ceremony can be performed by either the Blacksmith at one of the original blacksmiths shops  or by a minister at any of our venues.

All our wedding packages are available for marriage blessings however there will be no additional fees for legal paperwork (as this is not required) nor is there any additional charge for the blacksmith (The ministers fee would be £150).

As an added bonus the Standard album comes with the inscription – ‘Our Wedding Blessing at Gretna Green’

Unique Blacksmiths Blessing Package

TOTAL £450

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