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When giving or sending the Marriage Notice Forms (M10s) to the Registrar each person must supply the following documents:- (if you are in any doubt about which documents you must provide and when these should be provided, please contact the Registration Office for advice to avoid marriage plans being jeopardised). Tel: 01461 337648 e-mail

BIRTH CERTIFICATE – must be produced by each person giving notice. A full extract is preferred. If you are adopted, your adoption certificate.


DECREE OF DIVORCE, DISSOLUTION OR ANNULMENT – must be produced if a previous marriage has been dissolved.

If you have been married or in a registered civil partnership before and the marriage or civil partnership has been dissolved or annulled, a decree of divorce or dissolution or annulment or a certified copy decree. A decree of divorce or dissolution granted outwith Scotland must be absolute or final – a decree nisi is not acceptable.

Any divorces granted outside the UK must be accompanied by a completed foreign divorce questionnaire.

DEATH CERTIFICATE – •If your spouse or civil partner is deceased, the death certificate of your former spouse or civil partner

If you and the person you are marrying are related within any of the Degrees of Relationship please contact the Registration Office for further information on documentation to be produced.

The registrar will ask to see your valid passport or other document to provide evidence of your nationality.

CERTIFICATE OF NO IMPEDIMENT- must be produced by a person giving notice if they state their birth place is a country outside the UK and their nationality is not British. For further information please contact the Registration Office.

A person whose country of domicile is outwith Scotland will not be allowed to marry in Scotland if the marriage would be void under the law of his or her country of domicile.

All documents produced to the Registrar must be in the English language. If they are not they must be accompanied by an English certified translation.

If you wish to serve notice but are not in possession of one or more of the required documents please contact the registration office to assertain whether notice may be served on the strength of the documentation in your possession as in some instances some documentation may follow on at a later date.

Full details of all ducuments required can be found at


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